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Organic Cotton Stretch Twill


We have our two organic cotton twill's.

We have a lighter one with stretch, and a heavier one with no stretch.

Both are available in 12 colors.

The non-stretch twill will replace our current Washed Cotton Twill, so this one will be discontinued once stock is sold out.

The new twill's will be available in 12 colors that are aligned with the rest of our collections,

so you can mix and match with jersey for a t-shirt, brushed sweat for a sweater or linen for a blouse.

The stretch twill has 13-25% Elastic stretch.

Care: Wash at 30 dg with low spinning, dry flat.

Shrinkage: 2-5% width.

Leveringstid: 4-8 uger
Leverandør: mind the MAKER
Organic Cotton Stretch Twill

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