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Trevor Taslon

The definition of Taslon fabric lies in the special weave, constructed to create an extremely tight and durable fabric.

Taslon is a high-tech fabric made with synthetic nylon fibers, making it resistant to wear and tear, as well as fading and shrinking.

Taslon is a very lightweight (only 120 g/m2) and breathable, anti-static fabric, which makes it comfortable to wear in a variety of different conditions.

The tight weave also blocks out wind, and combined with a water repellant quick-dry finish, it provides protection from the elements, when using it for outdoor clothing, such as trousers and jackets.

It is also suitable for bagmaking or other accessories that require a strong, durable and lightweight fabric.

Leveringstid: 4-8 uger
Leverandør: mind the MAKER
Trevor Taslon

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